Privacy policy

La Fondation Saintlo Tourisme Jeunesse,  also known under the name Fondation Saintlo (FSTJ),  is committed to protecting the personal information you exchange with it through its activities. The FSTJ respects Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and Quebec’s Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.

The Fondation Saintlo is a Canadian charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (#890119654RR0001). It offers young people in vulnerable situations accessibility to travel. It does this by fostering equal opportunity and presenting the educational value of the youth hostel experience.


Definition of personal information

Personal information is information concerning a physical person that allows them to be identified. It is confidential. In the case of the FSTJ, this information may include the following:

  • Family name and first name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Physical address
  • Country, province or state of residence
  • Information on interests and demographics
  • Business contacts and relationships, affiliations and professional positions
  • Transactional information like card payment details, donation amounts and donation histories.

All personal information on individuals is treated as sensitive.

When a person uses their household coordinates as business coordinates and personal coordinates, or a person posts their coordinates online or in a directory, the FSTJ considers this information public or business coordinates, and therefore it is not subject to the protection of personal information.


Reasons to collect personal information

The FSTJ usually collects personal information to administer donations and communicate with donors. This collection is also used to administer grants and workshop programs and to communicate with workshop participants and grant recipients. The collection of personal information enables the FSTJ to be more efficient in its activities. The FSTJ collects only personal information that is directly related to its programs and activities.

The foundation collects and treats personal information as part of the following activities:

  • The governance of our charitable organization
  • The administration of donations and the organization’s programs, workshops, fund-raising and event activities
  • Surveys and marketing communications by mail, email and text
  • Contractual agreements with partners offering services on behalf of FSTJ
  • General administrative communications as part of its mission

Whenever possible, this information is collected directly from the person. The FSTJ does not sell, exchange or transmit to third parties any information that you have consented to give them access to without your authorization.

The FSTJ uses various methods to collect personal information, including the following:

  • Online forms on the FSTJ website for donations, requests for grants or registrations for workshops/events.
  • Discussions by email, text or mail
  • Direct discussions in person or by telephone
  • Cookies on the FSTJ site

Most personal information is collected via the FSTJ website of the and the forms found on it. The personal information that’s collected may be via an intermediary Web platform that’s contracted by the FSTJ to enable it to collect the information on its website.



The consent form may vary according to the circumstance and type of information collected. The FSTJ prefers to obtain explicit consent electronically or in writing. Implicit consent may be reasonably deduced from the action or the inaction of a person, for example, if they supply a name and address to donate, or a name and telephone number to get a response to a question.

The FSTJ may also receive personal information from third parties, including but not limited to organizations that partner with the FSTJ as part of program and workshop initiatives, fundraising or other projects. In these cases, the FSTJ only receives this personal information if the person has given their consent to the organization’s third parties, or if the law allows it to do so.

Conversely, the FSTJ may share information with third-party organizations (with your consent). From the moment this information has been transferred, it is no longer under the possession or control of the FSTJ.

As part of its activities, the FSTJ may have to give access to systems and technological applications containing your personal information to service suppliers so that they can help operate them. The FSTJ limits as much as possible its suppliers’ access to your personal information according to the actions taken and the limits of the applications and systems in place.

Donors, grant recipients and participants in activities of the FSTJ recognize that the organization needs personal information to properly run its activities and programs.

It’s important to note that even if the consent to receive marketing communications from the FSTJ has been withdrawn, the FSTJ may communicate with you about financial transactions related to your past or future donations or follow up on a request for grants or registration for a workshop.


Social platforms, hyperlinks and integrated content

The FSTJ uses networking platforms and social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn). These platforms are regulated by their own policies regarding your personal information, which may be different from ours and may also be applicable.

The website of the FSTJ may include integrated content from other websites (for example, videos, images, articles, etc.) or hyperlinks leading to third-party sites. These third-party sites have different, independent privacy policies. The FSTJ is not responsible for the content and activities of these sites. Therefore, any personal information that you transmit on these third-party sites is subject to the privacy policy of these third-party sites. Please consult their privacy policies for more information.



When you donate to the FSTJ via its website, you are redirected to the online donation platform Canahelps, for which the FSTJ has a donation agreement.

The use that you make of this platform is thus subject to all of the conditions of Canahelps, including its “Privacy Statement” which protects both your nominative and financial information.


Information on transactions

The FSTJ collects no credit card information unless the person makes the donation directly to the foundation by telephone or email. Payments made via the website are processed directly by our service supplier, which alone has access to payment card information. The security of your online transactions complies with the transmission standards of our service supplier so that your transactions are sent and processed securely.


Privacy of children

The consent of any minor under 14 years old must be given by the parent or guardian so that the FSTJ can collect personal information. However, it’s not necessary to obtain the consent of the parental authority when the collection is manifestly to the benefit of the minor. The FSTJ does not voluntarily collect personal nominative data from persons under 18 years old on its website. If you discover that the FSTJ has accidentally collected the personal information of your child on its website, contact the FSTJ. It will delete this information.

The FSTJ offers different workshops and programs in Quebec and Ontario schools. These workshops are led by trained specialists contracted by the FSTJ. The FSTJ requires that the school and/or the trainers obtain, when it is judged necessary or if the law requires, the consent of the parent or legal guardian so that a child can participate in its workshops and programs and supply personal information in this case.

In the event that you authorize a person of minor age to browse the FSTJ website or use its features, you recognize that you are responsible as parent or guardian for:

  • Control of their access to and use of the Site and/or features
  • Personal information that they might submit to the FSTJ
  • Consequences of any improper use of the Site and/or features on their part

The FSTJ recommends that you reasonably supervise the use of the site and features by persons of minor age who you are responsible for. The FSTJ does not invite minors to register for their newsletters, workshops or grants without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

Parental authorization is necessary if, during the workshops or activities of the FSTJ in the classroom or exterior activities, photos are taken of the students. The parent or legal guardian must give their consent if the FSTJ wishes to use photos of a child on its website or any other media.


Who can consult your personal information?

The FSTJ does not communicate your personal information without your consent, according to the law. In the case of authorized communication, the FSTJ strives to communicate only the precise information necessary in the circumstances, and we strive to inform the person of the communication.

Access to personal information within the FSTJ is limited to employees who need the information to carry out their tasks only for the ends specified in this document or as part of the services offered on the site or elsewhere. These employees treat the information as strictly confidential and do not give access to this information to any unauthorized person. The level of access to personal information is given to employees according to the need-to-know principle.

Any person that we hire on a contract or otherwise to execute functions on our behalf must respect the stipulations of the Acts on the protection of personal information, this policy and related internal procedures.


Responsibility and security measures

The FSTJ is responsible for the personal information that it collects and keeps. It also requires third parties to save this information according to strict standards of confidentiality and security.

The FSTJ uses physical, electronic and procedural protection measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized use and disclosure and loss or theft. Its team is trained on its policies and practices regarding the protection of personal information.

Your information may only be consulted by personnel authorized by the FSTJ. In addition, the FSTJ has signed agreements with its employees, subcontractors and partners so that your personal information is used according to the terms of this policy and any applicable laws and regulations. Its website is secured using technologies recognized in the industry, most particularly data encryption via SSL/TLS (HTTPS) protocol. Our server is in a locked and secure location.

Despite the efforts of the FSTJ, users of the foundation must recognize that no information system is infallible and that the FSTJ cannot guarantee the absolute security of their personal information.


Cookies on the website

Cookies are small text files transferred to the hard drive of the user’s computer through their Internet browser (if this has been authorized by the user). They facilitate and personalize the experience on the FSTJ website, and they enable it to measure the effectiveness of the website and analyze user behaviour so that it can improve its communications, programs and browsing experience. The FSTJ does not use cookies to collect personal information or to follow the navigation of the user after they have left the website.

The website user should be aware that Google Analytics is used by the FSTJ to learn about the demographics and interests of website users. This data is anonymous and does not identify individuals.


Conservation and destruction of personal information

Personal information collected by the FSTJ is kept as long as necessary for the ends to which it was collected. Personal information that is no longer necessary is destroyed or made anonymous.


Access to personal information and its correction

You may request to verify the exactitude and the integrality of your personal information in the possession of the FSTJ and, if necessary, request that it be corrected. The FSTJ will respond to any request within a reasonable timeframe from the day of the reception of your written request. In certain cases, we can refuse to supply your information requests if for example they refer to other persons, or to prevent or detect fraud, or this information is protected by litigation-related privileges.

Jacques Perreault, the Executive Director of the FSTJ, is the person responsible for the protection of personal information and managing incidents of confidentiality that may occur as part of the activities of the FSTJ.

These are his coordinates:


[email protected]

T 514.731.1015 #221



Modifications to the privacy policy

The FSTJ may modify this privacy policy to reflect changes in its procedures. The modifications come into effect when they are put on the FSTJ site online. Users are considered to have accepted the modifications to this policy if they continue to supply personal information to the FSTJ after the publication of the modifications.


Questions about the FSTJ privacy policy? Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail, email or telephone if you have any questions concerning this policy or our practices regarding the collection, use, conservation and sharing of personal information.

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